One of the biggest advantages a marketer can have is to grasp the power of the pattern interrupt.

Most people reading this will probably understand this fact. What most people reading this will almost certainly overlook though, is the countless opportunities available to us to exploit the pattern interrupt.

This article covers one such way we’ve been exploiting the pattern interrupt recently. It might seem trivial and even a bit silly at first but (hear me out on this), even this example has produced great results (big uplift in reply rates in email marketing).

What do you do?

I’ve been writing an email newsletter for Internet of Now subscribers (you should hop on that free newsletter btw – so much free GOLD in there). I’ve experimented with greetings in those emails.

Frankly, if email isn’t a goldmine of pattern interrupt opportunities, I don’t know what is.

One of the common patterns you find in emails is salutations. Just as in letter writing, there’s such a limited pool of standards. Usually, “hi”, “hello”, “dear X” and so on are about as adventurous as you’re going to get. This is good news if you’re in email marketing. Often just opening with something like, “hey” or, “hiya” is a pattern interrupt.

If you’re looking for some other, more quirky greetings you can use in your email marketing, here are 50 you can steal:

50 Pattern-Interrupting Greetings for Your Marketing

  1. Howdy Partner
  2. Hiya
  3. Oi Oi
  4. Yoooo
  5. Okie dokie
  6. Hola Amigo
  7. Hiya m’love
  8. Ey-up sunshine!
  9. How’s it going?
  10. What’s good in the hood?
  11. s’up?
  12. hey bbe
  13. Howdy ho neighbourino
  14. hi-diddly-hi
  15. aight
  16. What’s gwarning?
  17. heeey buddy
  18. Bonjour
  19. Como estas?
  20. G’day
  21. Yo Yo spaghetti
  22. hewwo fwen
  23. You good?
  24. Moooornin’
  25. Que Pasa Amigo?
  26. Hi hun
  27. Hi hi cutiepie
  28. Salutations
  29. Greetings comrade
  30. Gangsta…
  31. Listen friend…
  32. [Firstname] I was just thinking…
  33. Bro/sis…
  34. How’s your day bae?
  35. What’s shakin’ bacon?
  36. Ni hao ma?
  37. Good day good fellow
  38. Long time no chitchat…
  39. Friend
  40. s’up boss?
  41. ARGGHHGHG how is it Monday again?
  42. Are we cool?
  43. CONGRATS (on being a legend)
  44. Hello legend
  45. Hey Queen/King
  46. Is this a good time to tell you I think you’re pretty cool?
  47. it’s been aaaaages.
  48. Do you love me?
  49. Boom boom Shake the room
  50. Fairest of greetings fellow human

Photo by Erika Giraud on Unsplash

How many of these do you think you’re brave enough to use?