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How does it work?

We have a huge database of influencers. Once you’re a member, you’ll have instant access to this database with tools to customise your view exactly how you want it. You can then export relevant data as a CSV.

Why 2 payment options?

We wanted to give people access for as long as they need it. That’s why there’s both a monthly plan (for those only wanting short-term access) and a lifetime plan, granting access for as long as the database is online. Lifetime access means you’re able to take advantage of the fact we’re constantly updating the database.

What filters are there?

You can filter by standard metrics such as follower count but, there’s also custom views by niche.

We’re a charity - can we access InfluList at a discounted rate?

100% yes. Just get in touch to discuss your needs and I’ll make sure you can get access.

I’m an influencer, can I be added to your database?

Of course you can, just let me know your details and I’ll add you. Conversely, if you don’t want to be part of our database, feel free to reach out.