In the latest update, Instagram users can now use GIFS to reply to comments on Instagram.

To me, this is huge news. It’s big for two main reasons:

  1. Just about every other platform has allowed GIF responses forever!
  2. It encourages us to behave in a neglected way on Social media – socially!

The second reason is the real reason I’m hyped.

I think marketers often overlook the simple fact that social media is all about social interaction. Too many people see social as a “broadcast channel” for their messages. They fail to see the reality. It’s an online social space where person-to-person conversations happen and relationships are built.

Any marketer wanting to leverage that maxim will do well for their brand/s on social media.

I don’t think you’re here for my philosophy on the subject though. You’re really here for one thing:

How to use GIFS in the comments on Instagram.

I found it easier to do this on a mobile phone (I use a Google Pixel 7 Pro but know iPhone users who follow the same steps).

1. Find a post to react to (duh)

Let’s start by finding a post we want to react to with a GIF.

Tap the comment icon or the bit that says, “add a comment”

2. Tap the GIF icon.

Ok, it’s really straightforward, to the right of the space where you can type, there’s a GIF icon. Tap it 👆

3. Search for the perfect GIF

Use the search bar to find a GIF to suit your mood.

Next, tap the Gif you want to use. That’s it!

Your GIF should be posted.

Is this a big deal for you? Is it just me?

It feels like a game-changer.