Ok, that might be a wee bit clickbaity but, it is true that Meta is working on a secret project.

They’ve codenamed it, “Project 92” or “Barcelona” and it’s a new social networking platform.

This news isn’t new per se, in fact, there have been rumours circulating about it since last year. However, the rumour mill has turned up a notch recently.

The latest news is: P92 will launch in June this year!

Here are 4 reasons why I’m excited about this news.

  • Text only – touted as “Instagram for your thoughts”, this platform will be much more about opinions, insights, and conversations and way less about visuals.
  • Decentralised – users of other apps and social networks (outside of Meta’s ecosystem) can discover you outside of the platform. This means your content will work harder for you by being discoverable outside of the platform.
  • Instantly import followers – in real terms what this means is you can import your audiences from elsewhere (Instagram/Facebook etc). This means, for those wanting to explore the platform, you won’t need to build from scratch.
  • Conversational – The point of social media is to be social. In releasing this platform, Meta is sending out a LOUD signal to brands and marketers to play the social game socially!

What’s in this for me?

If it were me, I’d be having internal conversations about text-based content plans. I’d also be putting in a diary reminder to check if it’s been released weekly during June (or just keep reading these emails and I’ll make sure you get the news as it breaks).