It’s an established fact that Gen Z favour platforms like TikTok over traditional sites when it comes to searching for information.

TikTok is smart and recognises this.

It’s really interesting to keep a close eye on the features TikTok implement to get a sense of how they’re capitalising on this trend.

Here are 2 recent feature updates that demonstrate that TikTok is prioritising search when it comes to their platform.

Geo-tagging posts

Users can now geo-tag individual posts.

From the perspective of an end-user, this means that if you’re searching for places to eat in your town, posts geotagged in your area will be displayed in the results.

User reviews

Users can now also review brands in-app.

The implications don’t need spelling out here as they’re plain to see. TikTok is clearly trying to help its vast user base find what they’re looking for without having to leave the platform to get pertinent information.

What’s in it for me?

Here’s why this matters for marketers.

We need to explore how we leverage these feature updates to gain traffic on our content.

From now on, I’d highly recommend that location-based businesses start geo-tagging their content.

I’d also be looking to reach out to my audience and ask trusted customers to leave in-app reviews.